Ich habe die Zukunft der YouTube-Videos gesehen!!!1!

Den Älteren unter uns wird diese Art der Informationscodierung ja noch etwas vertraut sein:


Für die vielen, die nicht mehr morsen und nichts Gemorstes mehr lesen können:

I apologize for such a boring video. This video has been put in morse code to avoid YouTube sensing its message through audio or visual techniques. This is a test of the YouTube coding system used to remove ads from videos and keep videos from reaching subscribers. It is also to serve as a baseline as an experiment in regards to YouTube demonetizing videos. I have added no offensive content. I have added no metadata. This video will help determine if channels are blacklisted and demonetized by the system automatically. Check the video codes in the source code of this page. Feel free to post a translation of this message along with any excluded ad codes you find into the comments below. If you would like to reupload this video to your own channel to test, please do so. More information will come soon. Thank you for understanding. This is the end of this message

Ich wünsche allen YouTube-Contentlieferanten auch weiterhin viel Spaß in der Don’t-be-evil-Zensur- und Vermarktungshölle bei YouTube!