Früher war alles besser…

…außer vielleicht die Computer und die verwendeten Massenspeicher, die so richtig „Commodore-ready“ waren:

'Commodore-ready', and ready for you NOW! 'Cardcorder' DC/1, Data Cassette Recorder/Player Introducing the 'CARDCORDER', Model DC/1, the Computer Cassette that is 'Commodore-ready,' designed for storage and retrieval of computer data efficiently, economically; with consistent performance. Yet, this fine CARDCO product is priced lower than any similar product with special quality features. the standard cassette functions: record... play... rewind... fast forward... stop and eject... pause. A solid-state designed product of the finest components with auto-stop. The 'CARDCORDER' DC/1 carries a 90 day warranty to original owners. Includes standard connector which is 'Commodore-ready1'; LED 'save' indicator light which confirms data recording on to the tape; handles up to 120 minutes (60 minutes on each side) of any standard tape including existing pre-recorded commercial as well as personal All CARDCO products are available at your local data tapes intended for use with Commodore Personal Computers; ready to go... just plug it in and record efficiently. CARDCO's 'CARDCORDER' COMPUTER CASSETTE is a quality data cassette recorder/player in an attractive polystyrene case, with all 13Mathewson Wichita, Kansas67214 (316)267-6525 'The world's largest manufacturer of Commodore accessories.' Commodore * is o registered trademark ot Commodore Business Systems. Inc. Header Service No. 268

Und die Typografie war natürlich auch nicht so pralle in den Achtziger Jahren — vor allem in der Werbung für Technikartikel wurde überreichlich die Futura verwendet.