Wanted -- For the production and distribution of illegal plants: God -- No photo available -- Claims to have created everything, including all illegal plants. We have evidence in writing: 'I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of earth', Genesis, the Bible -- Also wanted as a person of interest an co-conspiritor: Jesus Christ. Clains to be son of God and religious cult leader, sought for interview in regard to knowledge of father activities. Already nailed to the cross once, reports suggest hey may have risen again. Report sightings to 1800 POLICESTATE



Da bleibt nur noch unklar, welche Krautsorte wohl der Verkäufer im Tabakladen zum Rauchen bevorzugt, so dass er sich über einen Dreißiger, der wie ein Zwanziger aussieht, gar nicht weiter wundert…

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